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Catering & Banquets

img_6761Are you having a large event in the Houston area that needs catering? Los Cocos Restaurant is the answer. We create mouth watering dishes that will have your guests talking for days! We have years of experience in cooking, arranging, and serving food for Quinceañeras, weddings, and parties.
Here are some of the options we have available:

• Flautas
• Grilled Pork Chunks
• Pork Stew with Chili Sauce
• Pueblan Mole with
Chicken Breast and Leg
• Stuffed Chicken Breast
• Fajita Mix
• BBQ Brisket/Chicken/Sausage
• Chicken Alfredo
• Barbacoa
• Breaded Chicken Breast
• Decorative Fruit Banquet Table with Chocolate Fountain


Contact us now for more info:

3419 W. Orem #E
Houston, TX 77045

Top 5 Reasons Los Cocos is the Best Mexican Restaurant in Houston

It’s not bragging it’s pride! We take pride in the dishes that we create and offer to you. We cook for you just like we would our family.  Here are 5 reasons we believe we are the best Mexican food restaurant in Houston:

  1. We offer dishes that are unique to our little part of Mexico. You might have heard of some of them before but you’ve never had them with a touch of Los Cocos, Puebla added in!
  2. We make our tortillas fresh everyday! We believe every part of your meal should be exceptional not just the main course. A tortilla can make or break your experience.
  3. We have combined experience of over 50 years in the restaurant business. Besides that we have been cooking for friends and family since we were kids!
  4. Tradition. We stick to the recipes and technique that were passed down through our family for years.
  5. Passion. We are passionate about our craft and giving you the best experience possible while you are visiting with us!Mole de Puerco